Stash, the touching message for his mom: “All the moves, the money you gave me”

Stash and that touching message for his mom: “All the moves, the money you gave me”.

Stash became a dad for the second time on August 14th. The singer made it known on social media by posting a photo in which you can see the little girl’s little face and hands: “Imagine Fiordispino was born. There are no words that can tell what we are experiencing now “.

Stash, message mom (credits: instagram)

His partner is Giulia Belmonte. They became parents for the first time in 2020 of little Grace, a few months ago the announcement of the second pregnancy arrived: “And then you come to multiply everything I feel and live. To enlarge the spaces of the soul. To create new melodies. We already hear you … “. To accompany the message a photo with a guitar and between the strings was placed the image of the ultrasound.

Lately he’s been busy touring with The Kolors. Every event they attend is welcomed by thousands of people ready to sing their songs aloud. When they participated in Amici they were very young but already in the talent they showed that they had all the right cards to break and so it was. Years and years of sacrifices and a lot of commitment, sacrifices that the artist’s mother herself made. Which he had made known in an old dedication to the woman.

Stash, the touching dedication to his mom: “All the removals, the money you gave me”

The Kolors are one of the most loved and listened to today. The band was formed in Naples in 2010 and is made up of Stash Fiordispino, Alex Fiordispino and Daniele Mona. The notoriety came strong when they participated in the fourteenth edition of Amici, an edition that saw their triumph.

After the experience in the talent there is no need even to say the success they have found. All their concerts are sold out, the public loves them and sings their songs at the top of their lungs. They worked a lot to get to where they are today; before joining the Canale 5 program they lived abroad and had many experiences before returning to Italy. Stash, regarding the sacrifices made some time ago, wanted to thank his mother, quoting her in a wonderful message, as reported by Spettacolo Fanpage.

stash message mom
Stash, dedication (credits: instagram)

Amici’s judge left a dedication in which he thanked his mother for everything she had done for himfor all the sacrifices in the most difficult moments: “All the moves you had to do to give me the opportunity to cultivate my dream … the money you gave me to go to London, all those gestures that taught me that humility is true beauty”. Stash wrote, some time ago, a beautiful dedication for her mother, to thank her for everything he did with her to make him cultivate her dream: “Thanks Mom“.