State of emergency extension 2022, Fedriga: “There was an alternative but it’s not a drama”

“According to our forecasts, Fvg will be in the yellow zone at Christmas”

” The extension of the state of emergency? I do not see it as a tragedy, the important thing is to continue to fight Covid and try to keep economic activities open ”. This was stated by Massimiliano Fedriga, president of the Conference of the Regions and president of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, guest of ‘e-Venti’ on SkyTg24, specifying however that there was an alternative.

” I had said that there were two choices – explained Fedriga – there was not only the possibility of extending the state of emergency but there was also the possibility of issuing decrees, without prolonging the state of emergency, which went to cover the needs of the state of emergency. The possibility, for example, of fixed-term hiring of health personnel, which is the primary thing, or assistance in retirement homes for the provision of services, in short, a series of issues that the state of emergency allowed. The government has chosen to extend the state of emergency, we understand the choice but my suggestion was to try to mediate with respect to real needs or the extension beyond two years of the state of emergency which must make a parliamentary process more difficult “.

With regard to the yellow zone, the governor of Friuli Venezia Giulia then explained: ” Our forecasts tell us that we should keep the yellow zone so we do not climb in orange at Christmas. Today we are seeing a decline in infections, I hope it will be confirmed in the coming days ”.