State of emergency extension 2022, Hope: “Today on the CDM more choices”

The Minister of Health: “Covid is still a challenge, numbers are constantly growing”

State of emergency and extension to 2022. “These are not easy hours. A Council of Ministers has been convened for today in which there will probably be further choices also related to the emergency that is still underway in this country”, explained the health minister Roberto Speranza, who spoke at the seminar ‘The home as the first place of care for the citizen. Accreditation of Palliative Care and Palliative Care Networks’. “We are living at a very pivotal moment in the history of our National Health Service. And we have two challenges.” One is to open a “reform season” for the NHS, the minister recalled, but “the first can only be the management of Covid”.

It would be an illusion to think that we can look at it as a thing of the past – Speranza pointed out – it is something of the present, as we are told by the numbers that arrive every day not only from the vast majority of European countries and the world, but also from our regions. These numbers have been growing steadily for several and numerous weeks, numbers that signal an epidemic that continues to be a very real and concrete problem to deal with “.

The numbers of “anti-Covid” vaccinations, especially in recent days, are very encouraging “. And “we also have positive signs for the bookings of the little ones”, for “the vaccination that will begin the day after tomorrow, from Thursday. My message is always very clear and very clear: we must trust our pediatricians. We have some of the best in Italy. best in the world. On such a delicate choice my invitation to people is to trust them. It is not a subject that can be delegated to social networks or discussions that take place in the morning in bars, it is not a subject for TV talk shows. Let us entrust ourselves to those who have dedicated their entire life and professional experience to the people we are discussing, that is, to our children “, said Speranza.

As for vaccinations, “even yesterday we had a figure of around half a million, on Friday we had even reached 550 thousand and I am optimistic: we will grow again in the next few days. There is also an important signal on the first doses”, on which “We have signs of significant growth. In the last two weeks, 450,000 people have decided to take the first dose.” “I think this is a positive message”, he added, recalling that in Italy “over 100 million doses have now been administered in less than 12 months”.

The “boosters” of the anti-Covid vaccine “are even more important in the face of the first news that comes to us from other European countries, also in terms of new variants. What we are starting to learn, from initial information that will obviously need to be deepened, is that the third doses, the boosters, are even more important in the face of this Omicron variant: allow us to have an even stronger shield. And my message can only be this: the invitation to our fellow citizens to get vaccinated, to make the calls, to book themselves, and also to take the first doses. Because this is the fundamental lever that can accompany us in the difficult weeks that are still in front of us “.