Stefania Sandrelli returns to the cinema with the film Smoke Man, in cinemas from 30 March

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In search of the father figure (Giorgio Borghetti), of whom she knows absolutely nothing but who certainly hides something mysterious and disturbing, Silvia (Selene Caramazza) is a twenty-two year old who, in carrying out an investigation into this “man of smoke”, she ends up investigating herself. A moment of growth that will allow her to enter the world of adults, surrounded, among others, by her grandmother (Stefania Sandrelli) who raised her, who for many years protected her from uncomfortable truths and by her friend Luca ( Marco Valerio Montesano), a boy studying law, as well as a fan of unsolved crime news cases.

Setting and cast

Shot during the Covid period in Lazio (including Rome), with all the complications imposed by the contingent situation, Smoking man is a passionate love story orchestrated between tension, mystery and suspense written by Giacomo Scarpelli (The postman), Marco Tiberi (Christine Christine) and Soldati himself. Protagonist of Smoking man And Selene Caramazza (Bonecrusher) flanked by George Borghetti (the soap Magic spell), Marco Valerio Montesano (The honeymoon: How I ruin your honeymoon), son of the great Henry, e Stephen Santospago (Suburra – The series). They are also part of the cast Stephen Antonucci, Simone Pieroni, Michael Renzullo, Tullio Sorrentino And Clare Galante.


With the artistic direction of Mariella Li Sacchithe film uses photography by Manuela Rightof the assembly of Matthew Perriof the sets of Maurice Carraroof the costumes of Louis Bonanno and original music composed by Rita Marcotulli for Fox Band Editions. The end credits song Green beamis played by Clare Civello. Smoking man is an Italian-Peruvian co-production, produced by Mariella Li Sacchi And Amedeo Letizia for Cinemusa and from Karina Yury And Cecilia Gomez de la Torre for 17Producciones, in collaboration with Rai Cinema.