Stefano Actuario, the fragilities of life are Liberi Respiri: the video

I tried to imagine the fragility, the feelings, the words, the thoughts that accompany the mind before the extreme gesture: suicide. To imagine what the reasons are, the fears, the resentments, the questions that cannot be answered. Answers that, instead, those who remain should give. From these assumptions, in one night, I wrote “Free Breaths“. I felt the need to write this song, which talks about the beauty and fragility of life, love and loss. The text narrates how feelings fall apart with the passage of time, making the situation stagnant, with no outlets, complicit a mask that we wear when we try to hide desperation. The song can be divided into two sections; the first is poetic, sentimental, almost spoken, but at the same time shows the fragility of the relationship. The second, the refrain, is violent, and it shows all the desperation of those who are ready to take the final step. An end is hoped for, as long as it finally leads to peace.

I have the honor of duetting with an exceptional guest, Ray Heffernan, known for being the artist and author of some international hits, including “Angel” by Robbie Williams, who contributed, feeling emotionally involved in this topic, with his talent and sensitivity, writing and singing a verse, embellishing the song with his empathy. We duetted in Italian and English, it was an incredible, unique emotion. I proposed the song to Ray and, from his sensitivity, we understood that the theme made us complicit. In the studio, Max Zanotti proposed sumptuous orchestral arrangements, which gave magic to the song.

For the video direction and the cover image, I entrusted myself to Lory Muratti, constructing a new visual work. Proud of this partnership between his visionary and out-of-the-box approach as a director, which intersect with the profound themes addressed in my musical project. It is from these artistic collaborations that make the song a dialogue with the memories of those who have left us, an awareness of human fragility, which invites us to reflect on the complexity of emotions. It is from these assumptions that Lory Muratti sets out to build a new visual work. The director himself explains that the Actuary moves within the video together with the international guest Ray Heffernan and the actress Miriam Vangelista, chosen again to play the role of “presence”, “angel and demon” and “through” in the dialogue that the two protagonists establish trying to actually speak with those who are no longer among them.

With this video clip I wanted to reconstruct the disarming feeling of peace that can be felt by those who find themselves observing life from the windows of an English “winter garden” where time has stopped in the heart of an in-between season, in the middle of spring . Privileged moment to think about those who have left us while observing life as it begins to move again and looking with new eyes at the world that is reborn from the land we thought was dead. Thanks Lory Muratti, Max Zanotti, Miriam Vangelista, Ray Heffernan, Carlo Martegani, Silvana and Opificio di Novara for the location.