Stefano Cilio, other 2 gold records

The Milanese artist collects other international successes

November was a month full of satisfactions for Stefano Cilio, writer, radio host and above all music producer born in 1980. After winning the gold record in Austria in October with his debut single “Glance”, two more certifications have arrived. international for the Milanese artist. First the gold record in Hungary, obtained by the Mahasz organization (affiliate of the international federation IFPI) for having exceeded 500,000 premium plays in the Hungarian nation, and just yesterday the gold disc in South Africa for the sale of over 10,000 copies of the single. : the South African association RISA (Recording Industry of South Africa) has notified the crossing of the threshold on its website, making Cilio the first Italian ever to obtain this prestigious award. “After two European awards it is a great honor to receive this intercontinental recognition, in a state that is very active from a musical point of view and very demanding with foreign productions”, says Cilio.

In the meantime, the new single “Tonight”, a song more anchored to the canons of dance music, has achieved another record: after having been on the podium of the Spotify chart in Romania for a long time, the song has managed to conquer the number 1 position of the chart of the most important platform in the world, leaving behind such sacred monsters as Adele, Lil Nas X and Travis Scott. Curiously, the extended version of “Tonight” also entered the Spotify ranking in Romania at the same time, reaching number 11 just a few streams from the top ten. Thanks to this milestone, the song was included for two weeks in the platform’s most listened to playlist, “Hot Hits”.

“Honestly it is an incredible and completely unexpected situation, especially considering the fact that Italian music abroad has historically struggled to emerge, except for some very big names. The victory of Eurovision by Maneskin has certainly contributed to generating more interest in our productions, but having neither a record company nor a promoter I still find it hard to believe that I have received three official gold discs and the first position on Spotify. In Italy this is not possible, without a label you are a ghost , while international markets are freer and if we want democratic: if you like you, you will get high, regardless of your contractual situation, and for me it is a greater satisfaction to arrive in countries and continents where only ten years ago it was impossible even to be to know “, says the artist.

Stefano Cilio’s third single will be titled “Breathless”, it will be an electronic pop ballad and will be released in a few weeks with the hope of making a trio: “The second song is always the most complicated after having obtained good results at the debut, and is often decisive in the continuation of a career: fortunately in my case it went well and with the third song I will allow myself to experiment a little and amaze the listeners with a change of genre. There will also be a remix to continue the path taken with “Glance” and “Tonight”, but the main version will definitely lower the pace and I hope it will also be a discovery for pop music lovers “.