Stefano De Martino, crazy background: because he has those numbers tattooed

Stefano De Martino, crazy background: because he has those numbers tattooed; a special meaning for the conductor.

Among the passions of Stefano De Martino there is undoubtedly the one for i tattoos. The former Amici dancer has numerous of them all over his body, including writings, drawings and special dedications. And there is no shortage of numbers …

Stefano De Martino (Credits Instagram)

The most attentive fans will no doubt have noticed that, on the forearm, the conductor has tattooed a series of numbers. A tattoo that Stefano did about five years ago: what is the meaning? It was he who revealed it himself, at TGCom: an incredible background that will make you move.

Stefano De Martino has numbers tattooed on his forearm: what do they mean?

Among the many tattoos by Stefano De Martino there is the one that contains a few simple but significant figures. “861 10 79”we read on the forearm of the Neapolitan showman, but what does this tattoo mean?

It means a lot to Stefano, who has decided to get a tattoo telephone number to which he is deeply connected: “I was born and raised in my grandfather’s Bar Stella where my whole family worked, so that place was the reference point of my childhood and I have a lot of good memories related to that bar, ”Stefano told TgCom. This is the telephone number of grandfather Michele’s bar, in Torre Annunziata in the province of Naples: “One of the few numbers I know by heart“. Bar that also inspired one of the latest varieties conducted by Stefano De Martino, broadcast on Rai Due, and entitled Bar Stella. Program that, barring unforeseen events, will return with a second edition, after the success of the debut.

The former Amici dancer decided to dedicate the tattoo to his beloved grandfather about a year after his death in July 2016.

stefano de martino tattooed numbers
Stefano’s tattoo (Credits Instagram)

And you, did you know this touching background on Stefano De Martino’s tattoo?