Stefano De Martino did it before becoming famous: not everyone knows this background

Stefano De Martino did it before becoming famous in the world of television and entertainment: not everyone knows this background.

In recent months Stefano De Martino and Belen Rodriguez they are often the center of attention. They are back together and this return has ignited media attention around the couple. When they hadn’t yet come out in the open, there were rumors of this approach and the news followed like crazy.

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Until ‘Chi’ paparazzi them in a resort in very intimate attitudes. Later it was the conductor who published a shot among the stories of him in which Belen appeared. From that moment they officially decided to show themselves and now there are many stories and photos in which they appear together at different times. Both are now much loved by the public and have had the opportunity to make themselves known in different fields.

You will surely remember Stefano ad Amici back in 2009. He was very young when he showed up at the school as a dancer. He managed to conquer the public so much that he reached the evening, finishing in fifth place. After the talent experience he never stopped but over the years he has somehow left dance aside to devote himself to something else. Today he is an established television host. But before that, do you know what he did?

Stefano De Martino did it before becoming famous: do you know this background on the conductor?

Stephen DeMartino it has expanded his career in an incredible way. Today he is an established conductor and is much loved by the public. He already was before, when he still hadn’t taken the reins of any television program. You will remember him when he joined Amici in 2009 as a dancer proving to have talent. He made it to the evening stage and finished in fifth place. He immediately captivated viewers.

After that experience, others followed that took him around the world. Back in Italy you said ‘goodbye’ to the world of dance to dedicate your commitment to other fields. We have seen him as a judge at Amici, in the place that saw him become popular and we have seen him in various TV programs, often as a host. In recent years he has done nothing but broaden his career and today is one of the most beloved presenters. Almost everything is known about him, from his career to his private lifebut do you know what he did before?

before becoming famous
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A few years ago in the real-time program ‘Stefano de Martino-su di me’ he explained what he did, telling of having worked as a greengrocer. Apparently the conductor has made many sacrifices and it is thanks to the commitment and will that he has managed to get to where he is today.