Stefano De Martino is back on TV: the date of ‘Bar Stella’ has been revealed, the confirmation we have been waiting for for some time

Stefano De Martino is finally back on TV with Bar Stella: the start date of the program has been revealed, we have been waiting for this news for some time.

This is precisely the news we have been waiting for for some time: Stefano De Martino is back on TV with a program of his own. A few months after tonight everything is possible, the beloved Neapolitan conductor is ready to tell about himself in a new program.

When does Bar Stella, the new Stefano De Martino program, start? Date revealed. Photo Source: Instagram

The news that Stefano De Martino he would have been the protagonist of a program that would have talked about himself, it’s true, he’s been around for some time. What, however, everyone is wondering is just when there will be its first episode. Well. Just a few hours ago, with a post shared on the official Rai 2 facebook page, the start date of Stella Bar. Are you ready to discover everything too? Sure, we do it right away! We anticipate you, however: there are very few days left! Let’s find out all the details together.

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Stefano De Martino, when does Bar Stella start? Start date revealed

It was rumored that Stella Bar, the new program with Stefano De Martino of which the former Amici dancer is the undisputed protagonist, it should have started towards the end of December. Apparently, however, confirmation was given. A few hours ago, Rai Due announced the official start date of Bar Stella, giving its viewers and all the fans of the Neapolitan host some really fantastic news.

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Bar Stella, whose name is not at all fictitious, but is taken from that of his grandfather’s bar, does nothing but tell the beloved Neapolitan conductor. Obviously, let’s be clear, in this new adventure, Stefano will not be alone at all. Rather, as also told in several of our articles, it is accompanied by many and very nice guests. Are you curious to find out more? Let’s find out the start date together!

Stefano De Martino bar star
Photo Source: Facebook

“The atmosphere is this and it portends well, indeed very well”, reads the caption accompanying the social photo, which reveals the start date. Starting from Tuesday 28 December, so immediately after the Christmas days, Stefano De Martino is waiting for us in the late evening on Rai Due. We can’t wait, you?