Stefano De Martino leaves everyone speechless: the announcement arrives that no one expected

Stefano De Martino leaves everyone speechless with this announcement that no one expected: did you hear what he said? Crazy.

It has been a while since Stefano De Martino, very young at the time, showed up at Amici’s school as a dancer. It was exactly the year 2009, yet the young Neapolitan – after having rode the wave of success with dance and having said ‘goodbye’ to this world – has become one of the most popular faces of the Italian small screen.

Stefano announces news. Credits: Youtube

The success of Stefano De Martino as a conductor he arrived slowly. Having made himself noticed at the helm of Amici’s daytime, the young Neapolitan has easily become one of the leading faces of Rai Due. At first with Made in Sud, led together with Fatima Trotta, the handsome De Martino proved to be an excellent helmsman, taking the reins in hand of several programs completely alone. How can we forget, for example, at Tonight everything is possible, a program inherited from Amadeus, or at Bar Stella. In short, Stefano has come a long way after the talent! If his success on TV has no limits, however, even that on social media is no less. It is here that, in the past few hours, he has shared a announcement that no one expected.

Stefano De Martino’s announcement that no one expected: fantastic!

Stefano De Martino is very active on Instagram! It is precisely here that, during his holidays, the beloved Neapolitan conductor delighted in sharing ‘details’ of the villa where he and Belen spent the summer or all the places that the couple visited. Returning to his usual life, however, the former Amici dancer could not help but update his audience on a very important new job.

Just a few hours ago, through an Instagram Story uploaded to his official social channel, Stefano De Martino let himself go to an announcement that no one expected. Those who constantly follow his profile had already understood that there was something boiling in the pot, but now that confirmation has arrived, he could not help but cheer. This is a sensational novelty, which above all concerns his return to TV.

We know very well that, starting from this new television season, Stefano De Martino should have been the face of a completely new Rai program. When it all seemed confirmed, however, the former Amici dancer saw the project vanish. Be very careful, though: Stefano’s return to TV was not endangered at all! In fact, it will happen sooner than you think. When? There’s the date: Monday, September 26th! In less than a week, in fact, the beloved Campania presenter will return to Rai Due with the new edition of Tonight everything is possible. And to announce it, it was the person directly concerned.

Stefano announcement no one was expecting
IG Story Stefano. Credits: Instagram

The announcement took everyone by surprise, as we can clearly understand, but at the same time it made everyone rejoice. We can’t wait, you?