Stefano De Martino leaves everyone stunned: the real reason why he left the dance

Why did Stefano De Martino leave dance after his participation in Amici? Only now has he revealed the real reason: what happened.

Today he is a more than successful TV presenter, but very few can forget that the debut of Stefano De Martino in the entertainment world it happened in Amici’s studio as a dancer. Very young at the time of the talent of Maria De Filippi, the handsome Neapolitan easily made himself known by everyone, becoming one of the symbolic faces of the program both as a student and as a professional dancer and conductor.

The truth. Credits: Instagram

Immediately after taking part in Amici, Stefano De Martino continued to work in the world of dance. Not only did he fly to America for a scholarship, but he also returned to the same program that consecrated his success as a professional dancer. All of a sudden, however, something in him changed, making him make the decision to say ‘goodbye’ to dance.

Today Stefano De Martino is certainly one of the leading faces of Italian TV and, above all, of Rai, but have you ever wondered why left the dance? A few months ago, Belen’s husband revealed the real reason.

Why did Stefano De Martino leave dance? The real reason revealed

It’s been years since Stefano De Martino has made his debut in the world of entertainment, yet one cannot help but notice how much the very young Neapolitan dancer has come a long way. Currently among the most popular faces of Italian television for his charm, but also shameless sympathy and skill, Stefano De Martino continues to ride the wave of success. In recent weeks, everything is possible again at the helm of Tonight, but perhaps not everyone knows that the former Amici dancer is ready to return to TV with a program that speaks to 360 degrees of himself. In short, they will certainly be busy months for him.

Waiting to be able to witness everything that Stefano De Martino is ready to reserve for his audience, we ask you a simple simple question: do you know why the beloved TV presenter has left the dance? His last TV appearance as a dancer took place just before he left for Honduras as a correspondent for The Island of the Famous, but what led him to make this decision?

It is precisely on the pages of Vanity Fair that, during last summer, Stefano De Martino explained what really pushed him to say goodbye to the world of dance forever and to devote himself to anything else in life. I had the professionalism and I held the job in my fingers, but let’s be honest and let’s face it: if I had stopped suddenly no one would have noticed “, he said. Continuing, then, to say that he wanted to quit because he was aware of not being ‘extraordinary’ and of not having an etoile thanks.

In retrospect, do you think he did well?

Stefano’s latest ‘little gem’

Although work commitments have not been lacking for him even in this period, Stefano De Martino has lived a summer full of love. Years after his second separation from Belen Rodriguez, the two lovebirds are back together. And, between sweet journeys and dream destinations, they have experienced quite intense and super romantic months. Between them, as reported by the direct interested in Verissimo, it would seem that everything is going the right way and now more than ever both are convinced that this is the right time. Have you seen, however, what has come up in the last few hours? Through a video shared on his Instagram channel, Stefano shared his latest ‘gem’ with his fans. Of inestimable value, the handsome De Martino bought a truly dream villa in the Posillipo district, ready to host their whole family.

because de martino left to dance
Stefano De Martino. Credits: Instagram

We wish Stefano and Belen all the best!