Stefano De Martino reveals what happens with Belen: “We have different tastes”

Only now Stefano De Martino has revealed what happens with Belen Rodriguez: “We have different tastes”, no one would have said.

It’s official: Stefano and Belen are back to make their supporters dream! After having separated twice, but never divorced, the couple has returned to being husband and wife in the past few months.

Stephen Revelation. Credits: Instagram

Rumors about their return of the flame had been running for some time, yet they chose to make it official only a few months later. From that moment, Stefano and Belen continue to make their admirers passionate. Of course, they are not very active on social media and rarely enjoy sharing moments of couple on Instagram, but the words they reserve for each other are truly special.

If recently Belen Rodriguez spoke to Verissimo, talking about Stefano, even the former Amici dancer could not help but talk about his current wife at Vanity Fair. Have you ever wondered what happens between him and her at home?

What happens between Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino?

From a professional point of view, Stefano De Martino continues to ride the crest of the wave. Currently at the helm of Tonight everything is possible for the third consecutive year, the beloved presenter is ready to return to TV with a program of his own. Even from a ‘sentimental’ point of view, however, Stefano can say that he is happy again. Back together with Belen Rodriguez, the conductor continues to enjoy married life, which – although intense and full of work commitments – proceeds at full speed.

It is precisely about his life as a husband that Stefano, in the course of a very recent interview with Vanity Fair, has amply explained what happens between him and Belen when he is at home. Both have a very busy working life, but when they can they don’t miss the opportunity to be able to carve out a few moments for themselves.

Perhaps not everyone imagines it, but Stefano and Belen’s daily life is very similar to many ordinary people. When the two, in fact, find themselves at home they love to spend time together watching TV series. Do you know, however, what the handsome De Martino has revealed about it? Really unexpected words, we assure you! “We have different tastes”, he explained, referring to how the TV series that Stefano likes maybe Belen doesn’t like and vice versa. In short, everything in the norm!

“In the evening I go into an instant coma as soon as I lie down. It is easier for you to handle the remote control. I, being around a lot for work between Milan and Naples, when I’m alone I look at my series and solve it like this “, he said again, explaining his life as a couple.

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Kiss Stefano Belen. Credits: Instagram

Despite these small ‘differences’, between Stefano and Belen everything is going great. And we, as well as all supporters, cannot fail to be happy for them.