Stefano De Martino, that particular tattoo on the arm: what it means

Stefano De Martino, the sweet story of that tattoo on his right arm: do you know the meaning? You would never have said that

Currently in the role of judge of Amici, the beloved talent led by Maria De Filippi. Just last night we were able to follow the new episode of Amici’s evening. Once again he did not leave us without twists between tests, comparisons and the names of the eliminated.

Have you noticed that Stefano De Martino tattoo? What does it mean and to whom it is dedicated (Credits: Instagram)

We will remember Stefano De Martino well at the beginning of his television career, but even before that it would be impossible to forget him as a pupil right inside the Amici school.

Some time has passed since then, 12 years and since that moment many, indeed many things have changed in his life. Over the years we have been able to see the ‘evolution’ of Stefano De Martino who after participating in the talent completely distorted his physicality and enriched his body with different tattoos. One of these caught her attention. It is a tattoo that the presenter has on his right arm. Do you want some more details? We will satisfy you immediately!

Stefano De Martino, what is the meaning of the tattoo on the right arm: to whom it is dedicated

Stefano De Martino has several tattoos on his body, and if it is true that each tattoo has a hidden meaning, then it must also have one that number that the former dancer has tattooed on his right arm next to a rose. Who is it dedicated to?

Since we follow Stefano De Martino we have been able to see how much the TV presenter is very attached to the family, in particular we have been able to see the very strong bond with his grandparents. The tattoo that De Martino has imprinted on his skin, thus wants to be a tender reminder of the very strong bond he had with his grandfather who passed away some time ago. Inside the social gallery we can in fact find several shots in which the conductor is together with his dear grandfather, a fundamental figure for him in his life. That number that he tattooed on his right arm is the telephone number of Bar Stella, the family bar in which Stefano De Martino can be said to have grown up.

stefano de martino tattoo
Credits: Instagram

An important place in his life that reminds the former dancer of the most beautiful and happy moments spent with his family and in particular his grandfather.