Stefano Massini actor at the Argentina theater in Rome for “The interpretation of dreams”

The author of the novel “The Interpreter of Dreams” returns to his research on Sigmund Freud

“This theatrical work has something in common with my novel ‘The Interpreter of Dreams’ but it is still fundamentally different: in the years that separate that book from this show, my research on Sigmund Freud it has moved forward and has deepened and, we might say, ‘refined’ over time”. This is what the writer explains Stefano Massiniinterviewed by AdnKronos – in view of the debut this evening at Argentina theater in Romewhere he will remain on stage until December 21st – after the national debut at the Pergola in Florence, of his work ‘The Interpretation of Dreams’in which he takes the stage as a narrator and in some way also as an ‘actor’.

“I bring to the stage a completely new material, inspired by the famous essay by Freud and also from his other writings such as ‘Psychopathology of everyday life’, ‘Totem and taboo’, as well as from his diaries and letters, so as to create with ‘The Interpretation of Dreams’ a sort of Freudian mosaic – he underlines Massini – Bringing this work to the stage is an operation that I think is fascinating, because the theater is the place of dreams… It is no coincidence that in many theater works, from Greek tragedy to Shakespearefrom Ibsen to Pirandellothe dream is a recurring element”.

But what relationship does it have Stefano Massini with dreams and with the psychoanalysis? “Meanwhile – replies the writer – my dream of winning an American Oscar has come true, against all my expectations, with the Tony Award”, the theater award Broadwayfor the ‘Lehman Trilogy’ with the last direction dthe Luca Ronconi. “And then, I sometimes dreamed of having a double who would divert other people’s attention from me.” As for psychoanalysis, “there was a moment when I almost couldn’t leave the house due to the phobia I had and I turned to a psychiatrist friend of mine, without however going through long therapy. But it helped a lot to bring clarity within me” .

(Of Enzo Bonaiuto)