Stefano Tacconi leaves the hospital, “surprising progress”

The former Juventus goalkeeper, operated on in March 2022 for a cerebral hemorrhage, resigned after almost a year

Stefano Tacconi left the Alessandria hospital where he had been hospitalized for almost a year to finish the last phase of rehabilitation in a facility closer to home. His son Andrea gave the news on social media. “It was a long journey in Alessandria, where they saved dad’s life. From today this journey will continue in Lombardy, but we will never forget everything they did for my father and the support they gave us too. The road is still long but as I have always done I will keep you informed”.

The former Juventus goalkeeper had been taken to the Civil Hospital of Alessandria on 22 April 2022 following a cerebral hemorrhage from the rupture of an aneurysm. After being operated on by the team of the director of Neurosurgery Andrea Barbanera, with the support of the neuroradiologist Ivan Gallesio, and hospitalized for a long time, first in resuscitation, directed by Fabrizio Racca, and then right in the hospital ward, he entered the Borsalino in July and he came out a few days ago following an intense rehabilitation work.

“Stefano Tacconi’s journey – explained Luca Perrero, Director of Neurorehabilitation – was surprising, with a progressive improvement from a motor, respiratory and cognitive point of view, thanks to the collaboration of the entire nursing team and its Coordinator, physiotherapist, speech , psychological and of the obs. Surely the tenacity, the commitment, the humor and the remarkable physical prowess have facilitated the recovery, which in recent months has seen constant work on all levels, using both the gyms and the occupational laboratories of the structure, where he expressed skills and interests, such as cooking, that were present in his daily life prior to the traumatic episode”.