Stephanie Salas broke the silence about the food demand that Aracely Arámbula made to Luis Miguel

Stephanie Salas has spoken about the lawsuit facing the father of her daughter Michelle, Luis Miguelfor child support. Stephanie Salas claims that she never asked for anything from the famous singer, who is now being sued by her own daughter for more than a million dollars in back support. In an interview with a Mexican news outlet, Salas stated that she was never motivated by money in her relationship with Luis Miguel, but by love for her.

The declaration of Rooms highlights the importance of having a healthy co-parenting relationship between separated parents, regardless of their past romantic history. While it can be difficult to put past grievances behind you, maintaining a friendly relationship is vital to your child’s well-being.

Child support payments are crucial to the growth and development of the child, and are a legal obligation for the parents. When a parent neglects this responsibility, it can have a negative impact on the child’s future. In case of Luis Miguel and Michelle serves as a reminder that child support payments are not optional and should be taken seriously.

It is important to note that the maintenance childcare is not just about financial support. It is also about emotional support and the father’s involvement in the child’s life. Parents who make an effort to be present in their child’s life, even if they are not paying child support, will likely have a stronger relationship with their child.

In conclusion, the statement Stephanie Salas on the child support lawsuit against Luis Miguel sheds light on the importance of healthy co-parenting relationships and meeting parental obligations. It is important for separated parents to prioritize the well-being of their child and maintain a positive relationship, even if they are no longer romantically involved. Child support is a vital aspect of this responsibility and must be taken seriously by both parents.