Stereonoon, fading life inhabits Places We Can Go Hide

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The sense of the challenge lies in grafting different words and sounds into each composition without betraying the initial idea, which has its roots in Nu Jazz. The Italian collective Stereonoonwhose souls are Anna Polinari and Max Tozzihe christened his first studio album Places We Can Go Hide (Digital Noises/Artist First). The songs on the record, compared to those on the 2021 EP Yeah. And Stuff they have more modern sounds in which the ever-present Nu Jazz component fades away a little, leaving room for Pop and Neo Soul elements.

Let’s start with the story of Places We Can Go Hide: when was it born, how did you work on it and what value does the word collective have today?

Max Tozzi: Born in summer 2021. The ep that we really liked had just come out, it was an experiment during the pandemic that we carried out remotely, mostly. We met Anna in the middle of the pandemic. The songs of Places We Can Go Hide they were born between the summer and autumn of 2021 and then we started recording, in multiple cities and as far as possible in presence. The concept of collective allows us not to be caged in the formula of the group and we were immediately interested in being free.
Do we continue to live in an age of unannounced winters or are the seasons returning to normal?
Anna Polinari: It depends, in many ways without warning because I let myself get involved in what I felt on a harmonic level. Well, let’s say I’ve worked towards harmony.
“They say it’s shame you run away”: what or who does the protagonist run away from So Well?
Anna Polinari: Run away from social prejudices, from what we have to do by force, from the idea of ​​love as society imposes it.
Max Tozzi: Now I’m trying to sit still after running away from other things in life. At this stage I think about doing something where I am.
Everyone Says it’s the most powerful song on the album but it’s accompanied by a sad lyric: has the phone stopped ringing or is everything still messed up?
Anna Polinari: He stopped, I wrote the song not with the idea of ​​sadness but as intolerance and subsequent reaction.
Max Tozzi: There are two aspects, the first trivial is that a rather fast piece was needed, enough with the bpm around 90. A piece was needed to make people dance. Then it had to be light but with a text of a certain type and musically structured. I feel like saying that the text is a small manifesto.
What do the sun’s rays leave on the skin?
Anna Polinari: It also depends in this case. A little warmth and well-being, the song was born like this, it’s a positive image. And also of balance.
Max Tozzi: It is the most optimistic song.
I Don’t Mean it leads us to reflect on the meaning of words, their value and meaning. How much time do you spend researching when writing? Is there a sense of responsibility? Because it is true that talks is cheap but it is also dangerous. Do you have something in Italian in your drawer?
Anna Polinari: I feel a lot of responsibility. I have a good knowledge of English but I’m the first to be fussy, to look for a maturation time. They are more thought out texts, even emotionally. In Italian there was an intimate parenthesis that remained between us.
Max Tozzi: The place where we go to hide is the English language. It’s a bit of a fade. In the previous disk writing was shared, here we wanted a textual unit. I would add that in Italian it is difficult to find a common language.
Shiver he confirms that one of the key themes of the album is time: what is your relationship with him? Is it always little? Does the agenda dominate the human being or is it manageable?
Max Tozzi: Nobody dominates the agenda right now. He is eating us. Shiver it is a piece on which Anna has worked more as a text, it is also one of the first born.
Anna Polinari: It was an in-depth research and a waste of important emotional energies.
Inside the reflections sounds like the musical version of Lost in Translation: our existence appears to be a crossroads for the lives of others… do you also have this frenetic and dystopian vision?
Max Tozzi: We are perpetually on social networks, this is the life of others. The human being lives it simultaneously. We are overwhelmed by the speed with which we look at the lives of others and with which we show our own.
Returning to the topic of words, also in Matter of Geography words are thrown around only that the world is left out here: is this how one rewrites one’s history?
Anna Polinari: It is a descriptive text. There is a person locked up and watching. The protagonist is not happy with his situation, he is an almost desperate attempt to connect with the outside world to get back into the game.
Max Tozzi: We hide but the desperate search to show ourselves remains.
Finally in To The Moon (and back) talk about love and change, two elements that often become one. Is the soul of Stereonoon like that too?
Max Tozzi: the change is a Stereonoon digit. Our first experiment was a cover and the first record is far from what we are today. It is our characteristic at this stage.
Finally can we say that you have found the key to open the good side of your heart and therefore there is no longer any need to look for places to hide?
Anna Polinari: We can tell.
Max Tozzi: I agree but let’s still keep it somewhere to hide as a precaution. Plan b.
What will happen in this 2023? Does the Stereonoon project continue or will individual projects take over?
Max Tozzi: We’re working on the live shows in a spring-summer perspective and we’re evaluating the release of a single with its video. Then let’s think about the summer, we have a good formation with Riccardo Dolci and Enrico Truzzi. The temptation is to start changing the project when you play live, but we try to preserve its identity. There are individual projects but in this phase the collective priority.