Still summer in Italy, with Scipione hot until the end of October

Exceptional weather with the second summer phase in the same autumn month

Still hot on Italy, with a ‘new summer’ until the end of October for the African anticyclone Scipione. Sea level globally, NASA warns, has risen about 21-24 centimeters since 1880 due to Global Warming and will continue to rise over the course of this century as indicated by the IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Sea level rise is expected by 28-55 cm, if we are able to contain greenhouse gas emissions, and up to 63-100 cm in the case of high-emission scenarios: the sea will rise due to heat due to thermal expansion and continental ice melting.

Andrea Garbinato, Editor of the website, therefore indicates another indication of the increasingly exasperated climate change we are experiencing. With the onset of the industrial era, the climate changed extremely quickly, as never before in history. In Italy, 2022 could become the hottest year since 1800, since the start of widespread surveys.

And in Italy we are experiencing an exceptional period with the second summer phase in the same autumn month; a rare event that could be followed next week by a further African anticyclonic jolt: Scipio, the high pressure field that normally is stationed on North Africa, returned to Italy also in autumn, could swell the chest from Sunday with 34 ° C on the Islands Higher, keeping summer values ​​until the end of the month: it is very likely that some records will be broken in this extravagant October.

The synoptic configuration is very particular, at the planetary level there are very large waves: in practice, high pressures and very large cyclones alternate. On the eastern United States we find a cyclone filled with cold air with 10 ° C in New York, towards Greenland there are very hot temperatures for the period due to a high stationary pressure, further east a huge and very strange cyclone rages on the Azores ( where the famous oceanic anticyclone normally ‘resides’) and brings bad weather to Portugal and Ireland; even further east we are there with our Scipio the Africana vast high pressure promontory that stretches towards Germany.

In the coming days this Teutonic extension will be somewhat reduced by Atlantic infiltrations and Germany, the Alpine regions and our North will remain under more unstable drafts with some downpours between Friday and Saturday. Later the warm breath of the Camel, so it is also defined nicely the African anticyclone will blow again on the north, returning stronger than before.

The countdown has begun: there are 66 days to Christmas, 66 days have passed since August 15th, we are perfectly in between the two holidays, but time has stopped: it is still summer.


Thursday 20. In the north: veiled with local mists and fogs in the plains; worsens in the evening in the Northwest. Center: sunny with abnormal heat. In the south: all sun and heat.

Friday 21. In the north: scattered rains in the west, moderate in the Alps and Prealps. Middle: good weather prevailing with abnormal heat. In the south: ample sunshine and heat.

Saturday 22. In the north: heavy rains in the Alps, moderate in the Pre-Alps, many clouds elsewhere. Middle: cloudy in Tuscany with some rain; sun elsewhere, very hot in Sardinia. In the south: lots of sun and very hot weather for the period.

Trend following days: still Anticyclone Scipione l’Africano with Ottobrata Bis, temperatures further increasing especially on the Major Islands; probable persistence of heat also in the new week, in particular in the Center-South.