Sting receives $5,000 a day from Diddy

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As also reconstructed by Rolling Stone, Sting And Diddy were the protagonists of a legal case. Years later, the former leader of the Police was interviewed on the issue, later taken up by the rapper with a tweet.

diddy pays sting $5,000 a day

Every Breathe You Take is among the most iconic and famous singles of the British formation. In 1997 Diddy recorded I’ll Be Missing You using the Police song as sampling. A trial affair then ruled the rapper’s payment of an amount to Sting.

In these hours the story has returned to the center of the media for the interview in which Sting confirmed the receipt of 2000 dollars a day from Diddy. The video of the statements quickly made the rounds of social networks, even reaching the rapper who republished it on his profile Twitter more than fifteen million followers.

Diddy confirmed the story but specified the payment of $5,000 a day and not $2,000. Diddy, as well as Sting at the end of the interview, confirmed that they are on excellent terms with their colleague.