‘Stock companies 20 years after reform’, Vietti presents his book with Pinelli and Cassano

Wednesday 28 June in Cassation

Michele Vietti, professor at the Lumsa University and president of the Fondazione ICI Europa, will present his latest volume: “Corporate companies twenty years after the Vietti reform” next Wednesday 28 June at 9.30. The event will take place in the Aula Magna of the Court of Cassation. The book constitutes an accurate and detailed analysis of the evolution of corporations in Italy, twenty years after the entry into force of the Vietti reform, one of the most significant in the legal and economic sphere of our country.

Participating in the presentation: Fabio Pinelli, vice president of the Superior Council of the judiciary; Margherita Cassano, first president of the Cassation; Francesco Paolo Sisto, Deputy Minister of Justice; Giulio Biino, president of the CNN (National Council of Notaries); Elbano De Nuccio, President of Cndcec (National Council of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts); Francesco Greco, President of the CNF (National Bar Council); Carlo Angelici, professor at the Sapienza University of Rome; Margherita Bianchini, deputy general manager of Assonime; Claudio Giannotti, professor at the Lumsa University; Paolo Montalenti, professor at the University of Turin; Loredana Nazzicone, adviser to the Court of Cassation.