Stock Exchange, Piazza Affari closed up. Oil down

Milan did well, ending the session at + 0.63%. The other European stock exchanges closed uncertainly. Negotiations on all securities return to Moscow. WTI and Brent stood at $ 109 a barrel, down 4%

The Milan stock exchange experienced a positive session: in Piazza Affari the Ftse Mib index concluded with an increase of 0.63% to 24,712 points. Equity markets of the Old Continent positive throughout the day, with a rather uncertain close: London recorded a decline of 0.1%, with Amsterdam negative by 0.4%. On the other hand, Paris and Madrid were up by 0.5%, with Frankfurt up by 0.7%. In the meantime, trading on all shares has returned to the Moscow Stock Exchange, after the partial reopening of last March 24th with only 33 shares (ALL THE UPDATES ON THE LIVE CONFLICT – THE SPECIAL). Certain restrictions on trading hours for the shares will remain in place and the ban on short selling will remain in effect. The price of gas rises again after a sharp decline, with cold temperatures forecast for the next two weeks. On the other hand, the trend in oil prices fell. WTI and Brent amounted to 105 dollars a barrel (-6%). Gas up 4% to 106 euros.

Asia closed down

Asian stock exchanges closed down. On the markets, he thinks the increase in infections from Covid-19 with the risk of new restrictive measures. We then look at the progress of the war in Ukraine by Russia, with the effects of the sanctions on the Moscow economy. Attention remains high on the trend in the prices of raw materials, especially oil and gas. Wall Street opens at 3:30 pm.