Stock Exchange, Piazza Affari positive despite dividends

Despite the slowdown triggered by the distribution of dividends, estimated at -1.45%, Piazza Affari finished the first session of the week above par. A plus sign also for the other European stock exchanges, despite the fact that signs of a rate hike continue to arrive from Frankfurt at the meeting scheduled for July (and for the “hawks” the squeeze should be 0.5%).

The Ftse Mib finished above 24 thousand (+ 0.17% to 24,136.56 points) despite the many stocks (including Intesa Sanpaolo, -0.39%, Generali, -3.14%, Pirelli, -0 , 07%, Moncler, + 0.05%, and Eni, -1.27%) who paid the proceeds.

The six-legged dog was also in the spotlight due to the rumors reported by the Financial Times: according to the authoritative newspaper, the Italian company could be forced to invest at least 2.5 billion in the United Kingdom to avoid the taxation of the extra profits related to the sharp rise in oil and gas prices.

A positive day also for Saipem (+ 5.29%) which grouped its ordinary shares in the ratio of 21 new to 100 (the closing price on Friday, equal to 1.079 euros, was adjusted to 5.138 euros).

In the banking sector, Banco Bpm’s rally stands out (+ 4.3%) after the CEO of Credit Agricole Italia, Giampiero Maioli, confirmed his interest in the bank’s bancassurance business. Definitely positive day also for UniCredit (+ 4.23%).

On the probable eve of the syndicated placement of the new 15-year BTP benchmark, the BTP-Bund spread fell by 1.3% to 201 basis points. (in collaboration with