Stock Exchanges, Moscow partially reopens. Milan on the rise, Europe cautious. Oil down

The Russian stock exchange had been closed on February 25th. Moex index growing, short selling prohibited. European squares cautious. The price of oil is down, gas starts cautiously, gold is on the rise. Among the Asian squares, Tokyo rises, Shanghai and Shenzhen fall

The Moscow Stock Exchange, closed on February 25, partially reopened as expected with the Moex index rising in early trading. Negotiations take place with the prohibition of short selling and only on some securities, with support interventions by ‘government’ investment funds. The Russian market was restarted on Monday for federal government bond trading only, after a three-week standstill following the invasion of Ukraine (WAR SPECIAL – UPDATES). On February 24, the last day of stock trading before closing, Moscow’s leading index had lost 33% to burn over $ 190 billion. The partial restart of the Russian stock market in the early stages of the session takes place in two directions: the main Moex index, which started slightly higher, rose by 8%. The dollar-denominated RTS index, which includes 50 of the most liquid stocks, many of which are also traded on the Moex, falls by around 5%, also amid strong fluctuations.

The European stock exchanges

Departure slightly up for Piazza Affari: the first Ftse Mib index marks an increase of 0.24%, the Ftse All share an increase of 0.25%. Equity markets on the Old Continent cautious at the start of the session: Amsterdam recorded a rise of 0.2%, with Paris and Frankfurt opening with fractional growth of 0.1%. Flat London, while Madrid marks an increase of 0.4%.

Oil, falling price

Crude oil prices drop on commodity markets this morning: the barrel of crude for delivery in May is trading at $ 113.36 with a decrease of 1.37%. Brent with delivery in May changes hands at 120.52 dollars with a decrease of 0.89%. Start without major changes in the price of gas after yesterday’s rise: in Amsterdam, the reference price list for Europe, methane is traded at 115 euros per megawatt hour, down by about 1% compared to the closing date on the eve of the day. Gold price rising. The precious metal with delivery in June changes hands at 1,947.70 dollars an ounce with an increase of 0.26%.

The Asian stock exchanges

Quiet session for Asian and Pacific equity markets: Tokyo finished up 0.2%, with Hong Kong losing around half a percentage point at the end of its day. In China, both Shanghai (-0.6%) and Shenzhen (-0.7%) fell slightly, with Seoul closing down 0.2%. The conclusion of the Sydney main index increased marginally (+ 0.1%), with operators still seeming to await clearer signals from central banks. Futures on the start-up of European stock exchanges rose slightly.