Stoltenberg: “Message to Russia, attack on ally triggers NATO reaction”

“Putin underestimated Ukrainian strength, courage and leadership”

President Putin made a big, big mistake: he underestimated the strength of the Ukrainian armed forcesthe courage of the Ukrainians and especially the Ukrainian political leadership, so what he thought was a simple and quick military operation has now turned into a real war where he has not been able to achieve his goal, namely say the control of Ukraine “. Thus the NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg guest of ‘Che tempo che fa’, on Rai 3.

NATO sends a message to Moscow. “There is a co-responsibility on the part of NATO which is to protect and defend all NATO allies and prevent any armed attack against any NATO country – said Stoltenberg – We do this and increase our presence also in the eastern part. Italy is part of this and is increasing its contribution in our presence at the level of the East. Let’s send a very clear message to Moscow: an attack on one ally will trigger a reaction from all allies. All for one and one for all. This is a co-responsibility of NATO. By doing this we prevent war and preserve peace, it is our main goal. ”

What we see around Kiev is not a withdrawal but a repositioning of forces – Stoltenberg explained – We expect a concentration of fighting in the east and south and therefore, we are sorry, but we will probably see more suffering and more attacks. This underlines even more the importance that President Putin put an end to this senseless war and stop the brutalities that actually exist on the borders of the NATO alliance “.

“There are atrocities that are perpetrated against civilians, civilians who – as we have seen – have become targets. All this is extremely serious, brutal – he said – It is very important to be able to put all the facts on the table. I welcome the intervention of the International Criminal Court which has opened an investigation into what are potential war crimes against Ukrainians. It is important that whoever is responsible is effectively convicted. We must collect evidence and support the work of the International Criminal Court ”.

“Any use of weapons of mass destruction including nuclear weapons is absolutely unacceptable and would completely change the nature of this conflict – he then warned – Russia must understand that a nuclear war cannot take place, cannot be won and cannot be fought. . So Russia’s nuclear rhetoric is useless and dangerous. This underlines the importance of putting pressure on Russia from the point of view of economic sanctions to end this war, support the Ukrainians, increase our presence in the east and prove to Moscow that we will protect every inch of the territory“.