Stop Bijol and Bonaventura, OK Dia and Almqvist

News from the Serie A training grounds: who recovers and who doesn’t towards the 14th matchday

Udinese, KO Bijol

Tile at Udinese, in fact Jaka Bijol suffered a stress fracture of the scaphoid of his left foot. The defender ended his 2023 season early, we will see him on the pitch again not before January. Mister Cioffi will now rely on Kabasele at the center of defense.

Lecce, Almqvist is back

Good news from the training camp of the Salento team, in fact today Almqvist was back in the group and he has overcome the muscular problems that kept him in the box in the last period and on Sunday against Bologna he will be available to coach D’Aversa.

Salernitana, how are Ochoa and Dia?

Dia improves, having seen himself on the training pitch and has the possibility of taking the field on Sunday in the championship against Fiorentina; The next training sessions will be decisive to understand whether the ankle discomfort has been fully overcome. Meanwhile Ochoa is still in the pits, so Costil will be in goal at the Franchi in his place.

Fiorentina, stop Bonaventura

Giacomo Bonaventura and Rolando Mandragora will not be present in the Conference League against Genk; the first struggling with mild muscle fatigue while the second held back by fever. TChristensen will play between the posts tomorrow. for Adnkronos