Stop for the Christmas holidays at Amici 21: when Maria De Filippi will be back on TV

The talent show Amici 21 suffers a stop due to the Christmas holidays: that’s when Maria De Filippi will be back on TV

In recent days the last episode of the daytime of the talent show has been aired. The program conducted by Maria De Filippi will not air during the Christmas holidays. Stop at daytime and stop at Sunday afternoon episodes. When will it be back on television?

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Amici 21, when will it return to air on Canale 5? (Source: Instagram)

When will Amici 21 return to television?

Friends”Is the longest running talent show on Italian television, as well as one of the most successful programs on the Biscione network. The broadcast is now in its twenty-first edition, currently broadcast on Channel 5. The talent show is broadcast every day, from Monday to Friday, with the daytime and on Sunday afternoon with the afternoon episode.

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We are currently in the afternoon phase, where the pupils of the school compete to keep the school. In the next few months we will move into the phase evening, where the students compete for the final victory. In the evening, seats shouldn’t be unlimited. So someone could abandon the most famous school in Italy forever.

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In recent days, the last episode of the daytime year was broadcast. As every year, in fact, the leaders of Mediaset, in agreement with Maria De Filippi, have decided to stop the program during the Christmas holidays. Neither daytime nor the Sunday afternoon episode will air. Viewers, however, are curious to know when it comes back on the air the talent show hosted by Maria De Filippi.

The program will air again on Monday 10 January 2022 with the daytime episode, while the afternoon episode will return on Sunday 16 January 2022. On the way back, the race for the evening will be increasingly fierce. There are fewer and fewer days to go and it is likely that in the coming weeks some sweatshirts will be up for grabs for the highly coveted evening.