Stop protected market, Schlein: “Melon tax on bills”

The leader of the Democratic Party on Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini who asked to “remedy the mistake” of the failed extension: “Where was he yesterday when the Council of Ministers decided?”

This is a Meloni tax on utility bills“. Thus Elly Schlein in a press conference at the Democratic Party on the protected market. “We ask the government to stop and listen if not to us, then to the parliamentarians of its majority.” Even within the majority parliamentary forces “there were amendments to protect five million families. But the government made them withdraw.”

“Yesterday the Council of Ministers confirmed the choice to say no to the extension of the protected electricity and gas market. It is not a technical choice, it touches the living flesh of millions of families” underlines the secretary of the Democratic Party. “We still have time”, however, she adds. “The government should stop the auctions and extend the protected market” asks the Dem leader.

“It took them 10 months to tell Parliament what the changes were to the Pnrr, my question is simple: why not on this? Given that the world has changed. So I wonder what world they live in if only we realized that the world has changed. I wonder if the government means abandon millions of families and protect the interests of large energy companies“.

Matteo Salvini

“I’m happy that, after the PD press conference, Salvini realized that the government said no to the extension of the protected market, putting millions of families at risk” Elly Schlein told PD reporters after Matteo Salvini asked Raffaele Fitto to engage with the EU on the issue.”I wonder where Salvini was yesterday during the Council of Ministers who decided not to extend the protected market and start the auctions. We hope that, also in light of these words from Salvini, the government will stop and not start the auctions. There’s still time.”