“Stop the genocide in Gaza”, protesters in the square in Rome – Video

In Rome, a procession against Israel’s offensive. The organizers: “We are over 10 thousand”

Stop the genocide of the Palestinian people: 9 thousand children killed, 22 thousand dead and 109 journalists killed“. With this slogan the demonstrators, “over 10 thousand”, according to the organizers, returned to the streets today in Rome against Israel’s offensive in Gaza. Between Largo Corrado Ricci and Via dei Fori Imperiali, flags of Palestine and peace. At the demonstration, promoted by the Palestinian Student Movement in Italy, Udap (Arab Palestinian Democratic Union) and Api (Palestinian Association), joined among others by the university collectives, the Osa, the housing movements, Arci and Anpi.

While we were waiting for the march to leave, the audio of the bombings was broadcast in the square. “Zionist Israel, terrorist state” and “Free free Palestine” were the chants chanted by the demonstrators. At the head of the procession is the banner ‘Stop the genocide, Free Palestine’. There were also many families with children in the square.

The start of the Rome pro-Palestine demonstration was accompanied by the songs of the Lebanese Julia Boutros. The procession chanted “intifada until victory” proceeding along Via Cavour towards Piazza Vittorio. One of Boutros’ songs pays homage to Hezbollah and its fighters in their war against Israel in 2006.

“In these hours the Israeli army’s offensive against Gaza continues without respite – we read on the leaflets distributed in the square – The bombings indiscriminately hit the civilian population, children, health workers, journalists. There are now over 23 thousand victims, unfortunately the number is destined to grow in the coming days. Living conditions are desperate, all infrastructures have been affected, food and water are scarce, the majority of hospitals are reduced to a pile of rubble, 90% of the population is displaced with no means of escape. escape and humanitarian aid is also targeted. The Israeli offensive is not a war against Hamas, but a real genocide.”

Palestinian students in Italy: “Thank you, South Africa”

“We organized this demonstration to continue to say enough to the genocide that has been underway in Gaza for 100 days now and beyond. Because those 100 days must be contextualized in history, therefore it is also a denunciation of 75 years of occupation. We also support the initiative taken by South Africa which has brought Israel before the International Court of Justice for the first time in history, where we hope that Israel will finally be tried and convicted for crimes committed against humanity”, said Maya Issa, president of the student movement Palestinians in Italy (VIDEO).

Among the flags of Palestine and those of peace there are also some signs with the image of Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu behind bars and the words ‘thank you South Africa’ which quote the words of Nelson Mandela: “Our freedom is incomplete without freedom of the Palestinians”.