Stop to streets and squares named after fascists, proposed law

The De Maria-Fornaro-Fiano law proposal in the Chamber

Stop at streets and squares named after members of the Fascist Party. To ask the deputies of the Democratic Party Andrea De Maria and Emanuele Fiano and the group leader of Leu in the Chamber, Federico Fornaro, authors of a bill on the matter.

“Naming squares or streets to anyone who has become an accomplice of fascism – explain De Maria and Fornaro – must no longer be possible. public buildings to exponents of the Fascist Party, and in particular to those who have held executive positions in the National Fascist Party or in the Fascist Republican Party, or who have publicly promoted, participated in or joined the campaign for the defense of the race, or who have held positions policies in the Italian Social Republic “.

“An explicit reference to the Constitution – De Maria and Fornaro conclude – where it expressly prohibits the reconstitution of the Fascist Party, but also and above all an act due to the victims of fascism, a recognition of the value of memory and the awareness that what we teaches the history of the country is the basis on which to build the future of the national community “.