Stories, Edoardo Pesce guest on Monday 20 March on Sky TG24

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AND Edward Fish the protagonist of the new episode of “Stories”the cycle of interviews with the main interpreters of the show by Sky TG24 (THE SPECIAL). Guest of the deputy editor of the newspaper Omar Schillacidirected by Robert Contactsthe actor tells himself in “Edoardo Pesce – I accept miracles”on air Monday 20 March at 21 on Sky TG24, Saturday 25 March at 12 on Sky Arte it is always available On Demand.

From 24 March will return to play the role of the “holy thug” in the second season of “CHRISTIAN” (exclusively on Sky and streaming only on NOW), the Sky Original supernatural-crime drama produced by Sky Studios and Lucky Red in association with Newen Connect. Six new episodes of the “miracle series”, directed by Stefano Lodovichi. “Christian has become a kind of messiah – says the actor -. He is respected because he has helped a few people with miracles, he tries to eliminate the differences, to make a fresh start in a sort of welfare state, a ‘forced utopia’”.

Curiosities and memories in the introspective chat that retraces some stages of his life and career. From the Roman suburbs (“I was born in Tor Bella Monaca, indeed, my father told me to say that I lived on the Casilina…“), Where “each family lived in a building with grandparents, uncles, my childhood was very happy”. A “very lively child, I was already doing imitations, getting them ready for the bath in front of the mirror, to have a sort of affirmation I always used laughter”. Then, the elementary and middle school to the Catholic schools and then the Mamiani classical high school: “I saved myself because I was strong in Latin and Greek, you wouldn’t think so, but I was eight”. Two years of medicine and several jobs, the orchestra And “the commercials on Rai Futura and in parallel the theater, some participation in fiction. I must say that after “Romanzo Criminale” I had continuity”. Roles sometimes as an antagonist: “I work with bad characters but then I always try to put a fragility into it. Maybe that’s interesting because I always start from a pain or, precisely, a fragility that is then covered up by those who want to be a bully, a violent person. There is always some kind of wound underneath”. Many films in which she took part including “Dogman”, “Pure Hearts” And “Otherwise we get angry” and fiction including Boris 4: “I was naturally a nerd on Boris. When Ciarrapico asked me if I wanted to do a character in the series, I asked him how much I owed him. So I said sure, you don’t even have to ask me.” And if, thinking about the plot of “CHRISTIAN” he is asked if he believes in miracles, Pesce replies: “Yes, not in the religious sense. I believe in a set of factors that can make a particular almost improbable event occur. That can be called a miracle”. “If in my life there have been? Let’s say there’s a slightly longer-term miracle, in the sense that I’m happy with how it’s going, so it’s a kind of installment miracle…

During the broadcast of the interview, a QR Code will appear which will allow, by framing it with the camera of your smartphone, to access a series of special contents dedicated to the artist, available on the website All the “Stories” interviews are also available in the Sky TG24 podcasts on the website and on major podcasting platforms.