Stories, “Geppi Cucciari – I am the moon”. Tonight at 21 on Sky Tg24

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AND Geppi Cucciari the protagonist of the new episode of “Stories”the cycle of interviews with the main interpreters of the show by Sky TG24. Guest of the deputy editor of the newspaper Omar Schillacidirected by Robert Contactsthe actress and presenter talks about herself in “Geppi Cucciari – I am the moon”on air Wednesday 22 February at 21 on Sky TG24 it is always available On Demand.

From the new cultural variety in prime time TV “Splendida Cornice” on Rai3 to the theater tour with “Perfetta”, one of the last monologues written by Mattia Torre. In between: childhood in Sardinia, comedy, attention to language, the gender gap and self-love. “’beautiful frame’Cucciari said – it’s my first evening, which has come into my life unexpectedly and on the borderline between opportunity and ambush, like the most beautiful things in life”. “A cultural variety – he continued –which is a term that did not exist and perhaps we should reflect on this too. Two hours in prime time in which I don’t bring culture into the contents but I bring it into the language”.

Irony and fun in the stimulating chat that traces some of the stages of his life and career. Born in Sardinia, third daughter of three, father “surveyor building contractor, my mother physical education teacher. I was a vigorous, exuberant, fat child, sometimes made worse by a hairstyle offered by my mother with awareness (joking, ed.). A happy little girl – goes on –curious, sometimes affected by an instinct for useless sincerity, which embarrassed relatives and friends a little”. So the cabaret started at 26 and the possibility that this became a job. And then the theater (“I love TV and the idea of ​​entering someone else’s living room and keeping company is wonderfulBut the theater has a different magic, they buy a ticket to see you that evening, they have to shower, dress, make up and dine before or give up dinner at that time, they choose you for one evening”), cinema among others with Carlo Verdone (“working with him was a dream for me”) until the last show “Perfect”: “This is the show that Mattia Torre wrote for me. For me it is a joy, an emotion that is renewed every time I bring it on stage again. Now that Mattia is gone, more than ever”. A theatrical monologue that he has been touring Italy for some time and which tells a month of a woman’s life through her cycles: “This story in the four Tuesdays– he said –who all look the same on the outside but actually see a change in his way of perceiving things, because his phases of the cycle are different”. The protagonist “She’s a woman who looks a bit like me even though she’s not me and maybe she looks like all women”. So the relationship with yourself: “When they tell me ‘you’ve lost weight’, used as a compliment, it’s always a bit tricky. Does that mean I was fat? Why do they say it so much? Because we still talk so much about women’s bodies, for better or for worse, while we talk a little less about men’s bodies. Now that’s a bit disturbing… I was a so-so thirty-year-old, a suffering forty-year-old, let’s aim for my 50-year-old age. It is being surrendered to what you have and what you don’t have and trusting that you can be in the world as you are.”. “If I learned to love myself? I think so, it took me a few years… I accept myself, I love myself and I take myself for a walk”.

During the broadcast of the interview, a QR Code will appear which, by framing it with the camera on your smartphone, will allow you to access a series of special contents dedicated to the artist, available on the website. All the “Stories” interviews are also available in the Sky TG24 podcasts on the website and on major podcasting platforms.