Stories, Raf guest of Sky TG24 on Monday 24 April at 9pm

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It is Raffaele Riefoli, in art Raf the protagonist of the new episode of “Stories”the cycle of interviews with the main interpreters of the show by Sky TG24. Guest of the deputy editor of the newspaper Omar Schillacidirected by Francesco Venutothe singer tells himself in “Raf – My normal heartbeat”on air Monday 24 April at 21 on Sky TG24 it is always available On Demand.

A concept entitled “‘My home’: a new project that includes a new album to be released, a book to tell stories and a tour (produced by Friends & Partners) that will take him around Italy. “And also a song that is contained in this album that essentially talks about everything that has led me to be who I am today and everything that surrounds me, because my home is made up of travel, roads, music, of poetry and also of people who accompanied me. My house is the stage for a concert…”, explained the singer.

Stories and revelations in the chat that retraces some of the stages of his life and prestigious career. From his childhood (“In a humble house: my father was a worker and my mother a housewife, with a two-year-old brother, Rino. Both Inter fans”) to the rock/punk group of Cafè Caracas, before the international success with “Self control”, about 40 years ago, of which the video that later became iconic, he admits: “To this day I’m still doubtful. I was very perplexed because she didn’t exactly reflect what I wanted to do. However, the record company said that this way of shooting the video would work in Germany and it did. I, on the other hand, would have avoided the green screen and all those effects… This Bavarian dance made me a little uncomfortable”. A success that came despite his shyness: “Now I manage it better, you can check it. When I was younger it gave me problems”. So many songs written by and with Giancarlo Bigazzi that became very popular in the 80s and 90s: from “Gente di Mare” interpreted with Umberto Tozzi, to his first participation in the Sanremo Festival with “Inevitabile follia” followed by others, and he admits: “I have a love hate relationship with the Sanremo Festival because I’ve always thought that music shouldn’t be subjected to competition, I, like other artists, have always experienced it with great tension. Sure, it’s something people like, given the numbers it makes. But for me personally it’s not what I think should be done with music, which is a different form of communication, even entertainment: I listen to music, I find myself, I throw myself into it, it gives me strong emotions”. Then came “Ti pretendo”, “Today I don’t have a God”, “Animal beat” with which she won a Festivalbar and many other hits. A journey told in the book in which she also mentions the bike rides with Pino Daniele: “In reality it happened a few times, it was mostly the times we were in the studio talking and playing. We lived nearby and there was a time when he wanted to ride a bike but like many great artists, many poets, he didn’t have the gift of sight but he managed to focus the image looking a little to one side and therefore he had need some company. And so we did some nice laps in the countryside north of Rome”.

During the broadcast of the interview, a QR Code will appear which, by framing it with the camera on your smartphone, will allow you to access a series of special contents dedicated to the artist, available on the website. All the “Stories” interviews are also available on the Sky TG24 podcasts, on the website and on the main podcasting platforms.