Storm between Totti and Ilary Blasi: the move of the former Roma captain

Storm between Totti and Ilary Blasi: the move of the former Roma captain does not go unnoticed; what happened.

A news that shocked everyone, the one that arrived on 11 July. Through a double separate communication, Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti they officially announced the end of their story. A story that ends after twenty years of love and three wonderful children.

Totti and Ilary (Instagram Credits)

Inevitably, after the release of the now ex couple, an incredible media hype exploded: on the other hand, the one formed by the former captain of Roma and the Mediaset presenter was one of the most loved couples ever. Which, now, he has to contend with the real separation, that in legal terms. In this regard, a move by the former Giallorossi champion did not go unnoticed. Let’s find out what has emerged in the last few days.

The decision of Francesco Totti after the separation from Ilary Blasi: the tension is growing

Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi separated after 17 years of marriage and, at this point, what appears to be a real legal battle is approaching. After the well-deserved vacation, it’s time for the ex-couple to think about the separation, which promises to be complicated. Yes, because there is a considerable amount of assets to be divided, made up of real estate, company shares and investments. And the former Roma captain has already done so his first move, revealed by the weekly Chi.

Alongside his legal historian Antonio Conte, Totti has hired the most famous divorce woman in our country, the lawyer Annamaria Bernardini De Pace. The presenter of the Isola dei Famosi, on the other hand, will rely on the right arm and student of De Pace, Alessandro Simeone. The goal is to reach an agreement in a peaceful way, but, according to what we read on Who, at the moment “the conditions for a peaceful solution are not there”. Is this the start of a real war in court?

According to the first rumors always reported by the weekly directed by Alfonso Signorini, among the ideas of his lawyers there would be that of leaving the main house to the three children, with the parents who would alternate. In the last few hours, meanwhile, what would be the first statements of Francesco Totti regarding the separation with Ilary have leaked. To report them is the friend of the Pupone, Alex Nuccetelli, who revealed to Il Corriere della Sera the contents of a voice message that Francesco would have sent him, about ten days ago. What were Totti’s words?

totti ilary blasi
Ilary Blasi (Instagram Credits)

“You know, for me woe to anyone who touches me Ilary, because she always remains my wife. Ok ex-wife, the mother of my children, you will understand after twenty years. We have spent almost a quarter of a century together. I did not miss anything, in all respects, because I was really crazy in love. If she had done something more I would never have moved away, this is obvious ”, would have been the words of Francis.