Storms and wind, still bad weather in Italy

Third cyclone in a week

Still bad weather in Italy. A new cyclone from the Atlantic has favored the development of an intense perturbation, once again towards the Centre-South: Northern Italy sees weak rains of a scattered nature while storms and thunderstorms move from Sardinia towards Sicily, also affecting the central-southern Tyrrhenian coasts.

Lorenzo Tedici, meteorologist of, confirms the third cyclone in a week. Last Tuesday 22 November ‘Poppea’ caused record storms (Venice was saved by the activation of the Mose) with disasters in particular on the coasts of the upper Adriatic and Lazio. The second cyclone unfortunately caused the mudslide in Ischia with a dramatic balance, the third cyclone (the one in progress) threatens the extreme regions of the South.

Once again, due to the warm sea temperature for the period, the coasts of the major islands in particular are at risk, but locally the whole Tyrrhenian coast is still at risk. In short, the sea, less than a month from Christmas, is still feeling the effects of the very hot summer of 2022: as we had predicted, these hot summer waters, caused by climate change, make the bill pay during the autumn with coastal storms and beyond.

At the moment the Italian basins still have a thermal anomaly, in other words they are warmer than the average, by about 2-3°C, with an extreme value also in the Ligurian Sea where the water has a temperature of 19-20°C like the southern basins and as it happens even in June! In short, we must remember this, when the climate changes and we have six months of very hot summer we don’t just look at the glass half full with the house heating still off in the Centre-South; all this heat causes storms and extraordinary weather events, unfortunately.

In detail, heavy downpours and thunderstorms are still expected in the next few hours, especially in Sardinia and Sicily, then in the course of the day also towards Calabria; then, tomorrow, pay attention to the entire Metapontine area, and in general to the areas between Calabria and all of Puglia. The hydraulic risk, and obviously also hydrogeological, after the abundant rains of the last few weeks is high. As for the rest of the Peninsula, an early winter is entering the North with maximum temperatures in the single digits, around 7-9 degrees and snowfall at high hill altitudes in the next few hours: but these will be weak phenomena.

On the other hand, probably during the first weekend of December the weather will reverse and we will find abundant rainfall in the North, even snow in the mountains: but this reversal has yet to be confirmed, for now let’s focus once again on the flood situations in the South and Sardinia.

Today, Tuesday 29 November – In the north: light rain in the plains, snow in the mountains. In the centre: bad weather in Sardinia, rains also arriving on the Adriatic. In the south: widespread bad weather from Sicily to Calabria.

Tomorrow, Wednesday 30 November – In the north: irregular clouds. In the middle: rains on the Adriatic. In the south: widespread rains with thunderstorms and even storms.

Thursday 1 December – In the north: mostly overcast skies. In the middle: very cloudy or overcast sky. In the south: temporal residues, especially on the Adriatic coast.

Trend: from Friday the first signs of the arrival of a perturbation that will affect all of Italy over the weekend.