Stranger Things effect: streaming TV surpasses cable TV for the first time in the US

In July, streaming content collected 34.8% share, while cable TV was 34.4% and free-to-air TV was 21.6%

Historic overtaking of online streaming services on traditional cable TV in the US: For the first time, in July this year, Netflix and its competitors have the largest share of viewers in the United States, according to a report by Nielsen. Streaming content garnered 34.8 percent share, while cable TV was 34.4 percent and free-to-air TV at 21.6 percent. Streaming video viewing increased 3.2 percent from the previous month, with the most popular platforms being Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. In particular, the most popular is Netflix, which in July totaled 8 percent of total TV viewers and nearly 18 billion minutes of views for Stranger Things alone. Cable TV dropped nearly 9 percentage points in one year, with the sport plummeting 15.4 percent. In fact, sporting events have recently started streaming, such as on Disney’s ESPN + or Friday’s baseball on Apple TV +. Sport broadcast on free-to-air TV dropped 41 percent from June to July.