Stranger Things, the fifth season could consist of 8 episodes

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The fourth season of Stranger Things it took three years to wait but, when it arrived, it took little to attract its loyal (and boundless) audience. The series has quickly become the Netflix product (also available on Sky Q and via the app on Now Smart Stick) most viewed on the platform this summer and, despite its almost unprecedented length, has already left fans’ mouths watering. for next season. Little is known about what will happen to Hawkins in the last chapter but the first information seems to peep out on the web.

From the Twitter account of the writers (@strangerwriters), now in full writing phase, it seems that the grand finale will consist of eight episodes. It seems secondary information but in reality it already reveals a lot about where the series created by the Duffer Brothers could go.

The Last Dance

The fourth season was the longest in the history of Stranger Things. The series has always had a duration between eight and nine episodes but, regardless of the number of episodes, it was the length of each chapter that set what arrived on Netflix this summer from the past. Stranger Things 4 it needed to be split into two volumes, released roughly a month apart, and its nine episodes totaled nearly 13 hours. The last episode, in fact, a two-hour and nineteen-minute film, added to this count in particular.

As the Duffer Brothers, Matt and Ross explained, such a duration was not even in their initial plans and it was partly Covid’s “fault”. When the pandemic slowed down the production process, the writers were in fact given more time to develop the story and come up with new ideas. The ideas that came out in those months had turned out to be so many and so high-quality that they lengthened the total runtime of the entire product.

The creators of the series, however, have sworn that this time they will not take the risk of telling so much again. The last dance of Stranger Things it will not be a waltz but it will have a more lively rhythm. The two Duffer brothers said they wanted to return to the “simplicity of the initial structure”, avoiding delays and avoidable secondary plots. In this sense, the writers’ tweet should be read, which suggests a shorter narrative arc condensed into just eight episodes. Clearly this is a spoiler that came out at an early stage of production and everything can still change. However, the feeling is that, to find out what will happen after the acquisition of Upside Down, it will take less time. The farewell to Stranger Things promises to be (shorter) but intense.