Stranger Things, the prequel is staged at the theater in London at the end of the year

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To the delight of fans of Stranger Thingsthe world premiere of the prequel to the famous television series that mixes horror and science fiction will arrive at the theatre.
Lovers of the show, desperate to say goodbye to their favorite series after the upcoming fifth and final season, will therefore be able to cling to a new hope: to see the story they cherish so much in an unprecedented version, the one brought at the theatre.
The play is scheduled for later this year at the Phoenix Theater in London.
The play is called Stranger Things: The First Shadowas was officially announced on Wednesday, March 1, 2023.

Tickets for the play, produced by the streaming giant and Sonia Friedman Productions and directed by acclaimed stage and film director Stephen Daldry, will go on sale in the spring.
Meanwhile, it is now established that there is also a live-action spin-off of Stranger Thingsas was confirmed by the Duffer Brothers in July 2022.

The Duffer brothers will be the creative producers of the play

Stranger Things has captured the imagination of fans around the world, and we are incredibly excited to expand this exciting universe with Netflix’s first live production,” said Greg Lombardo, vice president of Live Experiences for Netflix.
The creators of the TV show, brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, will be the creative producers of the show, which “will be rooted in the mythology and world of the global Netflix phenomenon,” the streaming platform said in a statement released a few hours ago.

Duffer Brothers: ‘The show will be surprising, scary and heartfelt’

The words of the Duffer brothers significantly raise the bar ofhype. They anticipate that the show will be “sometimes surprising, (sometimes) frightening, and (sometimes) heartfelt,” adding: “You will meet endearing new characters, as well as very familiar ones, on a journey into the past that sets the stage for the future of Stranger Things”.

Duffer brothers: “We are dying to tell you more about the story”

The Duffer brothers go on to say, “We’ve been dying to tell you more about the story, but we won’t – it’s more fun to find out for yourself. We can’t wait to see you in London, (dear) nerds!”.

The play will begin in 1959

Written by Kate Trefry – writer and co-executive producer of the multiple Emmy-winning television series – the play based on the diegetic universe of Stranger Things will begin in Hawkins, Indiana in 1959.

This year the new student Henry Creel will arrive here, hoping for a new beginning. However the shadows of his past won’t give him a break.

“An Incredible Story for the Stage”

The world created by the most beloved television series in the history of television is fertile ground for notable theatrical roots to take root, as underlined by the producer of the work which will be staged at the Phoenix Theater in London.

“The World and Mythology of Stranger Things they created a rich and fertile ground for creating an incredible story for the stage,” says producer Sonia Friedman.