Stress-free holiday begins before leaving, ‘geometry of hospitality’ is born

Does a trip start with check-in and end at check-out? Absolutely no! Guests are thrilled even before their departure. They should be excited by email, text message, Whatsapp, making them understand, in advance, what the joys they will be able to experience will be. This is what is claimed by the geometry of hospitality. But not only. To experience a perfect stress-free holiday, ‘the host, the structure and the guest’, must constitute the ideal geometric shape to be successful in the hospitality sector. Tourism, explains Dario Ghiglione Ligurian host, surveyor and writer of ‘Gespy, the geometry of hospitality’, “must be understood with the same approach that is used in the analysis of flat and solid figures. Each guest is different and the flexibility is an indispensable quality, as well as dedicating time to them “.

The holiday, he adds, “I want to reiterate the concept, it must not start with the ‘simple’ check-in, but first, once the booking has not yet taken place. Potential customers should be teased about those topics they search online. They must understand first yet to arrive at the structure, the emotions that they will be able to experience during the holiday. The real revolution is starting from the first contact with the guest which can take place via email, via sms, via Whatsapp. vacation. And the geometry of hospitality does not stop with the check out. A review, a story with friends, a memory serves to maintain a strong relationship of loyalty “.

The host, he notes, must therefore not limit himself to selling rooms, it would be an understatement. He must be attentive to the customer and his needs. “The rules of the market have changed – explains Ghiglione – it is not enough to have enchanting places. If that were the case we would be the most visited country in the world. And instead we are only fifth. This happens because those who book holidays not only want the beautiful sea or the relaxing mountains but want to enjoy their stay with joy. Only in this way can the triangle formed by host, structure and guest be closed. It is no coincidence that the triangle is one of the main figures of geometry “.

It is also necessary to prevent possible complaints or dissatisfactions. This means tracking down guests interested in the product being offered. Taking away customers who are not in line with our target from competitors, perhaps using the lever of the lowest price, involves the risk of hosting dissatisfied people in the structure who will have reason to complain.

“To overcome this inconvenience, the digital revolution makes it possible to intercept requests in line with the host’s offers. Furthermore, you also need to know how to say no. So the guest doesn’t always have to be right. If he was always right, after all, it would mean that we are all wrong “, underlines Ghiglione.

In the meantime, 40 establishments have adopted this hospitality philosophy from Livigno passing through the Romagna Riviera to Sila, thanks to Yourevenyou, a training company from Rimini that has implemented Gespy, the geometry of hospitality in its Masterclass.