Stress without respite for Italians: levels as in the pandemic

The Piepoli Institute detects it with the ‘Stressometer’ which scores 55 out of 100: the economic condition weighs above all

Italians stressed as in a pandemic. According to the ‘Stressometer’ created by the Piepoli Institute for the National Council of the Order of Psychologists (Cnop), the stress level, on a scale of 0 to 100, is equal to 55almost identical to the values ​​recorded since 2021, in the midst of the Covid emergency, apart from the peak reached at the beginning of April 2 years ago, when the value reached 64. It is no longer the coronavirus that is stressing Italians: compared to recent years, the sources of anxiety and worry have changed.

The economic condition weighs above all, a source of stress for 24%. Followed by physical health (14%), the increase in prices and bills (13%), the working situation (13%), family-work organization (9%) and the war between Russia and Ukraine (6% ).

Thus, according to the survey carried out by the Piepoli Institute for the Cnop, 27% of Italians show a high level of stresscompared to a “little” or “not at all” stressed 22%.