Strike at petrol stations, trade unions: “Stop 25 and 26 January was and remains confirmed”

Presidents Faib, Fegica and Figisc/Anisa: “Palazzo Chigi should intervene and give a signal on the entire dispute”

The petrol station strike “was and remains confirmed”. Thus a joint note by Presidents Faib, Fegica and Figisc/Anisa on the dispute which reads that “this morning’s statements by Minister Urso” who in the morning had launched an appeal to revoke the strike of 25 and 26 January “are the yet another demonstration of the confusion in which the Government moves in this matter. The Government continues to ask for transparency and we have offered it in every possible way. What one cannot ask is to authorize new obligations and new sanctions against the managers This no”.

“We have made concrete proposals to the minister, value them – continues the note – without discharging the responsibility for his exclusive choices on the skin of the petrol station attendants and avoid evoking compliant pseudo personalistic associations that have no representation”.

“Professional organizations have always supported the need for an open confrontation right up to the last minute before the strike which was and remains confirmed. Minister Urso’s statements seriously risk closing any residual possibility of positively concluding the ongoing dispute. Please intervene. Palazzo Chigi and give a signal on the entire dispute” he concludes.