Strike writers and authors in Hollywood, Biden: “I hope in a fair agreement”

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Joe Biden also speaks out on the strike called by the Writers Guild of America (WGA), the union that represents Hollywood screenwriters and authors. “I sincerely hope that the writers’ strike will be resolved and that they will be offered the fair settlement they deserve as soon as possible,” the US president said before a screening in honor of the Asian community in the United States. The head of the White House, usually very quick to comment on (and support) union demands, he had not yet expressed himself on this social conflict.Since last May 2, thousands of screenwriters and authors have folded their arms due to the failure of negotiations with the main studios and platforms related, in particular for an increase in their remuneration.Minimum guarantees are also being demanded for the security of stable employment and a larger share of the profits generated by the rise of streaming.The mobilization has already had its impact on several television programs , such as late shows, and runs the risk of postponing the release of films and TV series as well.

Stop filming by Stranger Things

The last such strike was in 2007-2008, when the American audiovisual sector was paralyzed for 100 days which cost the industry $2 billion. Among the best known series that are already suffering the effects of the strike is for example Stranger Things: Filming for the fifth season had started in the past few weeks but has now stopped. “Writing doesn’t stop when you start shooting. Although we are happy to have started production together with our fantastic cast and crew, it is not possible to continue during the strike. Let’s hope a fair deal is reached quickly and we can all get back to work. Until then…over and out,” wrote the Duffer brothers, creators of the series, on their Twitter profile.

The Mtv Movie & Tv Awards case

Another example of how the strike has affected Hollywood was the last edition of the MTV TV & Movie Awards: no red carpet, no star parade, no interviews. Just a pre-recorded show aired on a delayed basis. MTV has kept a low profile for this year’s ceremony after actress Drew Barrymore opted not to host the ceremony in solidarity with the Writers Guild of America. After her, other celebrities filed past, including the nominees for the awards and the presenters who had to announce them. Among these also the Oscar winner Jamie Lee Curtis. “I was going to wear a dress similar to these in the photos to this year’s MTV movie awards but I won’t be able to go because the WGA needs and deserves my support,” the actress wrote on Instagram.