Strikes in Paris, Carla Bruni’s photo on a pile of rubbish: “Here is spring!”

Sarcastic homage to spring for Carla Bruni, who today celebrated the new season by having herself photographed on top of a pile of rubbish left on the street in Paris, as part of the current strike by garbage collectors against the pension reform. A post with a high ironic content, published on her Instagram profile, in which the singer-songwriter and former première dame of France poses smiling, in front of the rubbish left on the street, precariously balanced on top of an overturned dumpster. In support, a caption full of emoticons with plants and flowers and the writing, “Printemps!!! Here is Spring!” Here’s the spring!”. Then a dig at the current socialist mayor of Paris: “Merci, Anne Hidalgo”. Carlà’s ‘postcard’ arrives on the sixteenth day of the strike against Emmanuel Macron’s disputed pension reform. Among the comments , someone ironically wrote: “What a beautiful smell of spring”. Or again: “Brava Carla, I live a stone’s throw away! This refusal is unbearable.” Others are less enthusiastic. “Easy to attack a woman! A little bit of sisterhood, right? Municipal agents have the right to strike.”

9,300 tons of rubbish on the street

Just today, the Parisian municipality decided to activate a “crisis unit” to manage the situation. Hidalgo, who supports the protests against the executive, including the strike, “calls for calm and urges the government to withdraw the reform and to start a dialogue with the social partners”. Yesterday, the rubbish left on the street in the French capital twinned with Rome dropped to ‘just’ 9,300 tons. The peak was reached on Friday, with over 10,000 tonnes of rubbish left on the ground and along sidewalks.