Strip the news, Talisa flaunts an all-natural beauty: how she changes without makeup

Strip the news, have you ever seen Talisa without makeup? The blonde tissue shows off natural and conquers followers.

Talisa Ravagnani is the blonde tissue of Striscia la Notizia together with Giulia Pelagatti. Both have participated in Amici di Maria de Filippi even if in different editions. Since she was a child she has had a strong passion for dance which she refines thanks to important studies.

Strip The news, have you ever seen Talisa without makeup? Here’s how the natural tissue is (Credits: instagram)

Despite her young age, her resume boasts of great experiences, she has worked as a dancer in television programs and in events for which she has collaborated for great international artists. Not everyone knows that she Talisa danced in the video of Serena Gomez, Look at me now and at the American Music Awards in 2019. His debut on Italian television comes in the Amici program and after his career in school, great new experiences followed in television broadcasts, such as Il Cantante masato, in the Rai Uno show L’anno che coming. From September 2021 she is the blonde tissue of the famous satirical news along with Giulia, the brunette tissue.

Since Amici is very popular on social networks and the number of followers is growing day by day. Talent to spare and breathtaking beauty, have you ever seen it natural? On her instagram channel there are several photos in which she shows herself without makeup.

Strip the news, Talisa without make-up and filters: this is how the satirical news sheet is natural

In September 2021 Talisa landed in Striscia la Notizia in the role of blonde tissue while Giulia Pelagatti is the brunette tissue. They are friends and they know each other before arriving in the satirical news.

Every evening they conquer us to the rhythm of steps and every time it is a surprise. Talisa is very young, she is 20 years old and was born in Milan even though she moved to Dubai with her family as a child. Despite her young age, she already has many work experiences in the dance field behind her. After participating in Amici di lei, her popularity grew. She is very popular on her social networks and on her instagram channel she publishes many shots and in some it is possible to see her even without makeup.

talisa without makeup
Credits. instagram

Striscia’s tissue shows itself in all its simplicity. She is very young and without colors she is very well, she does not need tricks and filters to show herself because her natural beauty is enough to leave everyone speechless.