Stromae, concerts canceled until the end of May due to health reasons

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“I have to realize that my current state of health does not allow me to continue meeting you for the moment. I regret sharing this news with you, which fills me with sadness, but I must admit my limitations”. The Belgian singer Stromae announced the necessary on Twitter cancellation of the fifteen concerts of Multi-tour expected until the end of Mayincluding the Italian stage at the Palazzo dello Sport in Rome on May 16, because of his health conditions. In the past two weeks, the artist had already canceled six French dates scheduled in Strasbourg, Amnéville and Nantes. “Surrounded by my family I need to take the time to get better so I can resume performing. I hope to give you more positive news very soon. I can’t wait to see you all and to resume this tour together with my teams who have supported me throughout these years. Take care of yourselves”. Looking forward to the return on stage of the voice of Alors On Danceticket buyers will be refunded.


Numerous messages of support for the singer, who had already taken one in 2015 break from music for one psychic decompensation which had caused him strong dizziness and serious anxiety crisis that had affected his ability to write and perform. In 2017, in an interview with the designer Karl Lagerfeld given to the French newspaper LiberationStromae had told him stress due to fame: “I had reached a point that by now had become mandatory: having to come out with an album, go back on stage, promote… I needed to say no. The moment when everything changed was during a signing at the Fnac in Lille, where there were so many people. When I left the shop, the mob had surrounded the car and they were all wild as they were banging on the car, as if I were Michael Jackson. At that moment I had the impression that I was leaving my body”.