Stromae stops the tour: “I have to dedicate myself to my health”

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A few months ago Stromae had informed the media and his fans that for health reasons he was forced to cancel the dates of his tour until the end of May, but now an official statement has been issued which completely eliminates the possibility that the artist will return to perform at brief. Therefore the tour has been completely cancelled much to the regret of the most loyal fans. Stromae shared his pain and sadness over this news on his Twitter profile, writing: “I have to resign myself to the fact that unfortunately my health does not allow me to continue meeting you for the moment”.

Stromae’s disease

His real name is Paul Van Haver, the name with which the official press release reporting this dramatic news appears. Unfortunately, he is unable to meet his professional commitments due to a serious illness That it has never been made clearbut it has been talked about for some time. The first symptoms would appear in 2015 and Stromae underwent treatment for what would be a pathology that developed due to the side effects of an antimalarial drug. “If I could go back I wouldn’t take Lariam” he said some time ago in an interview. He had taken this medicine for his tour of Africa as a preventative measure, but after a month he was rushed to France for severe side effects of which details are unknown.

His health condition now

He said he often suffered from panic attacks, anxiety, and had to go back to the hospital several times over the years. His psychological health in fact it is a further problem for him and does not allow him to face various adversities in the right way. “I need rest and it will be longer than I imagine,” he said, saying he warned a worsening of his condition. It hasn’t been officially confirmed yet what the French-speaking singer is actually sick with, but updates will likely follow. Stromae has come a long way since his 2013 success with the album Racine Carree and his latest work is Multitude of 2022.