Stromboli, small explosions and lapilli on Sciara del Fuoco

The activity recorded by the Etna Observatory even if the inhabitants have not heard anything

Small explosions on the Stromboli volcano, but the inhabitants, especially those of Ginostra, have not heard anything. The Etna Observatory of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology has communicated that the monitoring networks have recorded that starting from 4.10 “it has been observed an intensification of explosive activity from the north crater areawith some stronger explosions such as the one recorded at 4.29 “.

The material produced fell abundantly in the upper part of the Sciara del fuoco, rolling along the slope. In conjunction with the increase in explosive activity, a modest lava overflow from the northern crater area was observed starting from 4.30, which is located in the upper part of the Sciara del fuoco. In correspondence with the 4.29 o’clock explosion, a seismic signal lasting about 3 minutes was detected. Soil deformation monitoring networks do not show significant variations.