Stronger than fate: cast, plot, where it was shot and the previews of the first episode

Wednesday, March 9 will start the new fiction “Stronger than fate”, but what do we know? Cast, plot and previews of the first episode.

After the shocking finale of Fosca Innocenti, Canale 5 is ready to record further successes and records with a new television drama. Based on real events, the TV series is called ‘Stronger than fate’ and it will start just in a few hours: Wednesday 9 March.

Plot and cast of “Stronger than fate”: previews of the first episode. Credits: Instagram

Completely focused on the adventures of three beautiful women dealing with the injustices of nineteenth-century society, the fiction features a truly exceptional cast. In addition to Laura Chiatti, in fact, among the undisputed protagonists there will also be Giulia Bevilacqua, the famous actress who we have appreciated in many successful fictions such as the Police District, and Dharma Mangia Wood, a young interpreter ‘discovered’ by Gabriele Muccino. But not only. To make the series even more unforgettable and unmissable, there will be figures such as: Loretta Goggi, Sergio Rubini, Francesca Valtorta and many others. In short, a truly stellar cast. Waiting to see them in ‘action’, however, we discover something more. Let’s explore together, therefore, the plot and what will happen in the first episode.

Plot of “Stronger than fate”: what the new fiction of Canale 5 is about

Waiting to see the new episodes of the beloved TV series, Canale 5 has decided to focus on a new and unmissable project: “Stronger than fate”. What is it about? Let’s find out!

Set in Palermo at the end of the 19th century, the TV series tells about a city that is starting to approach the first technologies and innovations. Among the many that are ready to capture attention, there is one that does not go unnoticed: the cinema! Very soon, however, what should have been a joyful and festive occasion turns out to be a real tragedy: the projector, in fact, catches fire, causing a huge fire and the death of several people. The dramatic accident, as it should be, marks the life of everyone, but in particular that of three women: Arianna Villalba, whose interpreter is Giulia Bevilacqua, Costanza Di Giusto, the very young Dharma Mangia Woods, and Rosalia Catalano , played by Laura Chiatti. Each of them, in the course of the fiction, has their own story to tell, but above all a desire for emancipation.

What will happen in the first episode?

Like any self-respecting first episode, even in this one that will be broadcast on Wednesday 9 March of “Più forti del fate” we are witnessing the ‘presentation’ of the story.

In the center of the square, where one of the greatest inventions of recent times is about to be shown, there are three women: Arianna, who unfortunately is the victim of a violent husband; Costanza, betrothed to Antonio, and Rosalia, a waitress about to leave for the USA. Each of them, unfortunately, will be shaken by the fire caused by a malfunction of the projector. The first, in fact, will take the opportunity to leap to pretend to be dead; the second, on the other hand, will remain alone after the fire and the third, on the other hand, will be taken prisoner by a powerful woman, who will pretend that she is her daughter.

Stronger than fate
Credits: Instagram

In short, a compelling plot enriched by a formidable cast! We can’t wait, you?