, 92% in favor of returning to class without a mask

It is now time for Italian students to go back to class. A back to school with new rules, but finally without a mask. A novelty welcomed by almost all girls and boys (92%) interviewed by who for the first time in two years are leaving distance learning and protective devices behind.

The pandemic, in fact, is no longer the main concern. Climate change is one of the greatest fears (26%). Followed by the failure to achieve one’s goals in life (22%), the economic and energy crisis (16%), the outbreak of a war involving Italy (14%) and, finally, the political instability (12%). Only in last place (10%) the fear of running into another pandemic. also asked girls and boys to draw a portrait of their ideal school. The survey shows that users would like to be able to participate in debates on topical issues (21%) and to be able to attend sex education classes (19%). Among the main interests, also the possibility of evaluating their teachers during the didactic path (15%) and post-diploma orientation activities (13%).

The study remains a priority for the future for most of the interviewees, who focus on post-diploma training: 50% of the survey participants would like, after graduation, to attend a university faculty face-to-face, while 26% look overall with favor abroad to continue your studies or work. 15% aim to find a job immediately, while 11% would like to be able to start an internship right away. is the Mondadori Group brand, a reference point for Italian students throughout the school year, with 5 million users (source Audiweb, June 2022) and on the occasion of the return to the desks it offers news, educational updates , a kit to take the admission tests to universities as well as support orientation with a special ( dedicated to post-diploma higher education institutes and the search for first job. boasts over 1.2 million followers on social networks (Source Shareablee and social insights, August 2022), where it is present with a profile on TikTok – with over 560 thousand users – Facebook, Telegram, and on the Youtube channel (Studenti TV ).