Subbuteo, 9 titles to Italy at the 2022 World Cup in Rome

The coach: “Movement on the rise and Azzurri at the top”

Italy excluded from the World Cup in Qatar but Subbuteo is always very strong: at the World Cup recently played in Rome, Cinecittà World, the Azzurri of the miniatures (this is the name of the three-dimensional stickers that hit a ball larger than them thanks to the skilful use of their fingers ) have not only won the most important final, the Open team final, but have won both team titles, three categories out of six, and individual, five categories out of six.

“Italy has always been very strong in Subbuteo”, Marco Lamberti, the coach of the National Open world champion, told Adnkronos, in his tenth world participation as coach of the Azzurri, “and the most beautiful of all: it is as if I was still in Serie A in the 80s, where the best foreign players wanted to come to Italy to play in the strongest league in the world of the time. And the movement is growing strongly, I would say exponential, also thanks to word of mouth via the web made many discover that table football and Subbuteo are still in full swing. ”

The game was invented in ’47 in Great Britain and since then it has amassed an ever-increasing number of fans, to the point of seeing a decline close to the turn of the millennium, probably thanks to the love for video games. In Italy the brand reappeared in 2009, and its competitive evolution, table football, has been entrusted since 1993 to the Federation of International Sports Table Football. In Italy the organization is entrusted to the Fistc. At the just finished edition 26 nations represented: in addition to Italy Austria, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Wales, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, England, Northern Ireland, Israel, Malta, Norway, Holland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Spain, South Africa, Tunisia, Ukraine, Hungary and the USA.

“From my point of view as a selector I am very satisfied – continues Lamberti -, our players have made according to my expectations, in the individual Open the podium is all Italian”, Luca Colangelo, Matteo Ciccarelli and Daniele Bertelli. “Throughout Italy there are about 2,000 athletes registered with the Federation, but many more are playing: in Reggio Emilia we have the Wimbledon of table football, Subbuteoland, and the numbers of those who come to play are constantly growing. all join the Federation “.

Below in detail the titles won at Cinecittà World last weekend, communicated by the Fisct, for teams and individuals. In the Open final, the Italian national team beat Belgium with the result of 2 to 1 and became world table football champion. The team of CT Marco Lamberti and composed of Luca Colangelo, Matteo Ciccarelli, Daniele Bertelli, Saverio Bari, Claudio La Torre and Filippo Cubeta, made a clear path, winning their group with full points, and then eliminating in the quarter-finals the ‘England (2-0) and Malta in the semifinals (3-1). On the podium, in addition to the latter, the selection of Greece also rises, eliminated in the semifinals by Belgium. U20: Italy wins their tournament by beating Greece in the final and becomes world champion in this category. The team led by coach Alfredo Palmieri and made up of Leonardo Giudice, Mattia Ferrante, Riccardo Natoli, Christian Fricano, Lorenzo Lazzaretti and Bruno Vezzuto, overtook the Hellenic team with the clear result of 4 to 0. Belgium and France also on the podium. In the U12 the title was won due to lack of selections of the same age.

Individual titles. All-Italian final, that of the Open category between the outgoing world champion, Matteo Ciccarelli, and the current Italian champion Luca Colangelo, who only got the better of his compatriot after free throws. A very balanced challenge that ends in perfect equality at the end of regulation time (1-1) and extra time. In free throws Colangelo wins 3 to 2 and wins the title of world champion. On the podium also the Italian Daniele Bertelli and the Greek Vlassopoulos Ioannis. Veteran: Gianfranco Calonico wins, in sudden death against the Maltese Jason Pisani, and wins the title of world champion for the Veteran category, after the regular time had ended with the result of 1 to 1. Eliminated in the semifinals Busch David and Papakonstantinou Lazaros (Greece).

Ladies: Eleonora Buttiita wins by measure over the French Diradourian Margot and becomes world champion in the individual Ladies category. Places of honor for the French Rivière Irène and Guyot Francoise, eliminated in the semifinals. U16. All-Italian final also for the Under16 category, where Francesco Borgo literally takes revenge on his compatriot Giorgio Giudice, after the Under12 final of the last world championship (2018) and wins 4 to 3. Squares of honor for the Italian Lorenzo Fricano and Alfaro Isaac (Spain). U12. Triumph also in the Under12, with the victory of Edoardo Landi for 3 to 0 against the Spanish Marti Rosa. On the podium also the Italian Samuele Bignardi and the Spanish Manuel Baena, eliminated in the semifinals.