Subtember from Twitch, one month of discounts on subscriptions

Thirty days of special pricing for the leading live streaming platform

Live streaming giant Twitch has announced the start of, SUBtember, a month of celebration to celebrate the global Twitch community, but also a chance to earn subscription savings starting September 1st. In fact, there is a 20% discount on 1-month subscriptions, 25% discount on 3-month subscriptions, 30% discount on 6-month subscriptions. Lenovo Legion is the SUBtember sponsor for this year. By subscribing to your favorite channels you support streamers, and you can unlock the benefits reserved for viewers, such as personalized emotes, badges, channel point multipliers, but also ad-free viewing and chat for viewers only, if enabled by the streamer. During SUBtember, discounts can also be applied when you want to extend your commitment to a multi-month subscription from a Prime subscription or a subscription given as a gift. While subscriptions will be available at a lower price, streamers will still be paid as for a full-price subscription. For more information, Twitch Public Access is hosting a special SUBtember themed party, taking place on September 16 at 1pm PT, followed by more announcements, through the end of the month. SUBtember will then end on the last day of September.